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Welcome to our DIY page!Alde Storage

Wood shelving designs only

Do you want a name brand custom closet by Rubbermaid but you want to save money by installing it yourself? Being able to follow detailed instructions is more important than whether or not you are handy. Only five tools are required; a power drill, short Phillip’s screwdriver, level, tape measure and a stud finder. No saw is required. All materials will arrive at your home on a pallet ready for assembly.

Your professional installer is available via email or text to answer any questions or problems that may arise during your install.

We want to help you help yourself! We offer you a 3-D design and quote after you provide us with detailed measurements. Your custom closet design will be completed by a professional designer with many years of design and install experience.

(This is not a computer generated design it is a human generated design)

There is no up-front cost to your custom closet design. A $100 design fee is simply added to your cost when and if you order the materials. The pricing is very competitive and will save you $100’s and possibly $1,000’s compared to hiring a local company to install it for you.

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We ship anywhere in the United States.

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