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More Storage in the Same Space

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More Storage in the Same Space

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I am sure you a familiar with the frustration of wishing you had more storage space. This is evidenced by the booming business of storage units. In this economy who wants to pay an additional $100+ a month to store items that you could store at your own home if only you had more space. Resolve this frustration by making more use of the space you already have.

Indianapolis’s construction boom brought in it many houses with square footage that the rest of the country only dreams about. It included as common and expected, large master walk-in closets, walk-in closets for all extra bedrooms and often a 3rd car garage that lends itself perfectly for storage. In all of this building and extra square footage your contractors left you short on usable space. Most Indianapolis houses do not need more space they need to utilize the space they currently have in the storage spaces.

Most walk-in closets have only one shelf in these closets. This wastes a lot of usable space. A perfect way to utilize your space is to hire a quality designer to draw up plans for you that will customize your space to meet your preferences and desires.

Rubbermaid is a brand name you can depend on and trust. Our company CLOSET CONNECTION is a certified Rubbermaid designer and installer. We use Rubbermaid’s 3-d design software that creates the image of your new storage space for either a closet or your garage. We then email this design to you so that you can take a virtual tour through your newly designed closet. All of this is done (estimate and design) at no cost to you.

CLOSET CONNECTION is the best company set up to meet this specific need of space utilization. For more information you can find us on the web at or contact our office by phone at 317-440-8920.

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