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Everything Needs a Place!

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Everything Needs a Place!

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Thoughts on beginning the process of organization!

Getting organized can simply begin by putting things in their place.┬áMy grandmother would say, “Everything has a place!” We now say everything needs a place. Getting organized becomes difficult if you have more things than places to store them. You then wrestle with prioritizing your items and possibly garage saleing the rest or the costly route of renting a storage unit.

Would you like to store 3-4 times as many items in your walk-in closets and do it in an organized fashion? Would you like to better use your pantry space? Your space under your stairwell? Your garage walls? It is possible that we could prevent the monthly storage rent, the storage shed outback or your last option of simply stuffing your closets full of disorganized items. If you have empty wall space in a storage space – it is unused and therefore underutilized. We work hard to customize your designs to use every square inch of usable space.

Take a look at the before and after photo’s on our website and begin to imagine what is possible for you.

Call Closet Connection today for a free quote and a free 3-D design emailed to you.

Ken Yoder
Sales and Design

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